Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes



The mouse is to aim and shoot. Arrow keys or ASDW keys are to move.

Game Details

The third game Strike Force Heroes is here and you have to create an invincible team. The game has many levels in which you have to complete missions. Take a gaze into the graphics of Strike Force Heroes 3. Have much fun! Start up now! With the role as a general, each player must guide his force to the victory in each battle of the game. The opposing troop is strong and wise; that's why we must use our strategies for the combat. As seeing, each level is a challenging mission. Let's train the home troop and deploy hero units in locations in order that the enemies will be vanquished as soon as possible. Don't forget to boost the home troop by making deals on updates. The updated heroes are necessary.

Date Added: 2015-09-22

Category: Strategy

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